Paying Tribute to Tribute Bands

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You’re swaying to the ripping sax solo in “Wish You Were Here” and get lost in a trance together with the rest of the audience. It feels like you were sent back to a rock concert in the 70s. Well, listening to Pink Floyd live can make you feel like you’re in a different dimension. But you then realise that the band hasn’t performed together since 2005. You open your eyes and remember—you’re actually at a Pink Floyd cover band Australia show.


Pink Floyd cover band australia


If you’re watching one of the best tribute bands, like The Pink Floyd Experience, it can be easy to get lost and feel like you’re listening to the real deal. And for some music fans, this is the closest they can actually get to hearing their favourite group perform live.

What is a tribute band?


When you find a certain Australia Pink Floyd cover band that plays only songs written and recorded by the English rockers, then it is most likely a tribute band. Performers and musicians who form tribute bands are usually fans of the artists they cover for. Some play music of their idols to pay homage to their favourite group.


Die-hard tribute bands go beyond than just singing and playing the songs. The best Pink Floyd cover band Australia offers, for example, work hard to give fellow fans as much of a genuine experience as possible. These musicians work hard to perfect the styles and skills of the rock icons they are emulating. Some even take on the persona and look of their idols, even changing their hairstyle or wearing make-up for their public appearances and performances.


These artists greatly respect the musicians they are copying and show it by providing fans a chance to share the songs, memory, and influence of their favourite band.


The tribute band experience

There are several reasons you can enjoy a Pink Floyd cover band Australia concert or a tribute performance for your favourite singer or group.


1. Pay homage to your favourite artists

Some fans love a band so much that they just want to show their appreciation as much as they can. Paying tribute to your music idols is a great way to showcase this appreciation and admiration. Plus, it’s a method of sharing the musical genius and greatness of your favourite group. Even the artists themselves enjoy such performances. In 2016, Billy Joel joined the Billy Joel cover band Big Shot on stage and did a surprise three-song set with them.


2. It’s as close as you can get to the real thing

For others, watching a Pink Floyd cover band in Australia is as close as they can get to see the group perform live. This is usually the case for bands who have one or several members who have already passed away or for those who have disbanded. It could also be that your favourite musicians don’t do tours anymore so you have no more chance to see them performing in your country. Another reason is the rockers you idolise happen to have lived years before you were born so you never had the opportunity to watch them on stage during the peak of their heyday. The best tribute bands are capable of bringing your idols to life so you can experience what it must have felt like to listen to them live.


3. It’s great entertainment

When you go to the best Pink Floyd cover band Australia concert, you know you are going to have an amazing time. You will be rocking the night away with fellow fans, jamming and singing together to the songs. You can expect great music and fun, a fantastic performance, and an awesome audience. Of course, your experience relies heavily on the tribute band you choose to support, so make sure to find the best performers and musicians who can guarantee a show worth your money and time.

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