Experiment with various fountain pen inks

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In Tokyo, fountain pens with fun designs are available that are not too expensive. People, especially children enjoy using these cheap fountain pens for writing messages on greeting cards. Plaisir of Platinum Pen Co. has a double structure airtight cap, which will not let the ink of the pen clog even after one year. If you have a good handwriting, fountain pens can make it look even better. Fountain pen inks are available in various colors that enhance the joy of writing.

Buy a fountain pen and start writing

Instead of investing in a very expensive fountain pen, you should buy a starter pen. You can take recommendations from your friends and family when you are buying the first fountain pen. It is a good idea to choose a pen with a fine nib. Now, start writing with it. It is quite natural to not have a great first impression, but, do not be impatient.

Keep writing with your new fountain pen. After a few minutes, the ink will start flowing better when it has worked its way through the complete nib of the pen. Then, you will really enjoy writing with it. This is the main difference between a ballpoint pen and an ink pen.

Write on different papers

When you are writing with a fountain pen, the paper quality matters a lot. You will find that it is a pleasure to write with the pen on some papers, whereas it feels scratchy and annoying on other papers. Therefore, write on different papers. You will gradually understand on which paper it writes the best. If you want to have a great writing experience, you should write on leuctturm1917 notebook and clairefontaine notebook with your fountain pen. You can visit www.notedian.com where these notebooks are available.

Bottled Ink and a Converter

You need to buy a bottle ink and a good converter for writing with your fountain pen. Although cartridges are neater and easier, you have to replace them again and again. Therefore, it’s better to use a converter. The selection of fountain pen inks depends on your choice and preference.

The various colors

The best thing about writing with fountain pens is that there are various fountain pen ink colors. Many ink companies produce a dozen colors. You can find a lot of variations even in the common blue color. Thus, you can experiment writing with various ink colors.

Do not hesitate to write with different inks. Trying different inks is the best part of writing with a fountain pen. When you change the ink of your fountain pen frequently, you get a variety of experiences. Instead of spending money on new pens every month, you can invest in a new bottle of ink. It will give you a new writing experience. All fountain pen inks are not expensive. You can find many bottled inks that are quite affordable.

If you love paper and pen in this digital world, you must buy a fountain pen. Try different inks for a variety of experiences and to enhance your creativity. Check it out at https://notedian.com/collections/bottled-ink/

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